The Hidden Manchester

Not All The Great Places Are In The City

There is so much more to Manchester than the City Centre,so go out and explore the local area.Just a short walk from the Ivy Mount is a quaint village called Monton it has it’s own light house, even though we are a good 50 miles away from the sea? There are plenty of Bars and Restaurants for you to try out,my favourite is Blacksticks for food (Tapas) and Playfoots for a quiet drink.

Another great place to visit is a village called Worsley,it’s where the Industrial Revolution started so there is lots of history there.There is a huge woods for you to stroll around,there are three bars and a small coffee shop called The Secret Garden Tea Room.


Visit Manchester City Center

Manchester City Centre is full of life there is so much you can do and experience as there is shops,restaurants and bars and museums.If you like to shop why not try the Arndale Centre which has many shops and if you like high end shops there isΒ  Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. The city also has

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Trafford Centre

The Trafford Centre is just a couple of miles away from the Ivy Mount Boutique.To drive there its just five minutes away ,if not the bus stop is just up the lane.The Trafford is not like your average shopping Centre,it is like a roman city with paintings on all the ceilings,loads of fountains,it’s a great

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Manchester United FC

If you visit Manchester you have got to visit the theatre of dreams Old Trafford the home of Manchester United.The tour is on every day except Christmas Day and Match Days.

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Media City (Salford Quays)

Media City is a great place to visit,it is where the BBC have moved to from London.All the TV studios are based there such as ITV and Cbeebies also there are many great programs filmed here like Doctor Who,Coronation Street and Sky Sports.You can book a tour round all these studios if not you can

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Visit Manchester United Football Ground

If you visit Manchester go to Old Trafford the theatre of dreams and see where the great Manchester United play football.You can get there on the Metro (train) it takes around 10 minutes and it’s only four stops away.The tour is on every day except from match days and Christmas Day.

MUFC Tours

Immerse yourself in the history of Manchester United and obtain behind the scenes access, to the dressing rooms, tunnel and players’ dugout and exclusive areas. Explore the museum and learn everything there is to know about your heroes.

Duration of the Tour Roughly: 2 hours
From Β£25 per person